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Easy to use, easy on the circulation. No more worries. Besides using the ring protector for surfing, I put the protector on doing yard work, operating power tools, workouts, and more.."

Chester W.

I use the izerfin ring protector for diving, volleyball, surfing and beyond. I was worried about losing my ring with slippery "sunscreen hands” playing volleyball and izerfin has really helped!"

Derek O.

This past summer I was able to test out the prototype and use it for a few of my trips. I used my izerfin ring protector to swim in the ocean, go snorkeling, jump off rocks, and zip lining! It stayed on the entire time without slipping off or feeling uncomfortable. A huge plus is that I use it for olympic weightlifting, so I don't need to worry about the barbell scratching my ring. It's versatile and practical for any sport/activity. Thank you izerfin!"

Megan W.

I use the izerfin ring protector every time I go fishing or boating. It's comfortable, effective, and stylish. I love knowing my ring is safe. Finally, there is a solution where I can wear my ring in water with the peace of mind that my ring is safe." 

Quinn C.